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11, Chemin du Champ Carré,
1256 Troinex, Geneva, Switzerland

Ann C. Kato, PhD

Ann took her PhD from McGill University, Montreal in the field of neuroscience and did her post-doctoral training at the College de France, Paris. She is a retired Professor in the Department of Neuroscience of the University of Geneva. For the past 12 years, she and her husband have been doing philanthropic work in Sri Lanka with the purpose of improving the living conditions, health and education of impoverished girls and currently to help marginalized women tea workers in Sri Lanka (

Gabor Kato, PhD

Gabor took his PhD from McGill University, Montreal in the field of neuroscience. He was professor of pharmacology in the Medical Faculty of McGill and visiting professor at the Pasteur Institute, Paris. He was founder and CEO of Neurotech SA, a Swiss biotechnology company developing drugs for psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.